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Alternate Method of Instruction (AMI)

7 months ago

AMI days allow for continuous learning when students miss days of regular instruction due to inclement weather or emergency issues that would require school to close. Students will have the opportunity for skill reinforcement, intervention, and enrichment through electronic or conventional paper lessons. 

  • The Arkansas Department of Education has granted the Farmington School District five (5) AMI days for the 2017-2018 school year.
  • January 15 and February 19 are built in calendar days that will be utilized as make-up days prior to implementing the AMI plan.
  • Days that are considered to by AMI days do not have to be made up at the end of the 2017-2018 school year.
  • On AMI days, teachers will email assignments, post them to Google Classroom or their class webpage. Students that do not have internet at home will be provided with paper copies of the assignments upon their return to school. 
  • Students will have 7 days to complete their assignments after each AMI day.
  • Students that do not complete their assignments within 7 days of each AMI day will be counted absent for that day.
  • Teachers will be available on AMI days to check email during the hours they would normally be in class should students have questions about assignments.

MS Office for Home Use

11 months ago

Farmington School District's agreement with Microsoft allows us to distribute Microsoft Office to our Staff and Students for FREE!  To access this free resource, follow the instructions below:

For teachers do the following 
1.  Go to URL:
2. Click the "Find out if your eligible"
3. Put in your e-mail address
4.  Go check your e-mail and click the link in the e-mail that it sends you.
5.  Download office and enjoy!  You can use it on as many as 5 computers and from that page it will let you mange your licenses if you need to deactivate a computer that you've installed it on.  You can also get it on your ipad using this same page!

Students will follow the same instructions only they will use this url:
(Please note that we only have e-mail for students in grades 4-12 currently)

There are resources for getting this word out to your students, including posters to print, homework folder inserts, e-mail templates and more at

Password Requirements

11 months ago

Staff Informational Videos

about 1 year ago

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